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Great Grandmother's 100 year old Banana Cream Pie

Whenever I would visit my grandmother Fowler in Texas this pie was always in the fridge. We make it just how she did: bottom crust, layer of homemade vanilla pudding sliced banana, more pudding, sliced banana, and more pudding. Lastly, fresh made whipped cream around the edges. Our heaviest pie.

Sweet And Spicy Meat Pie

This is one of my absolute favorite pies. It is not your usual meat pie! It is rich, sweet, and spicy with a middle eastern edge. Inspired by the great chef Ottelenghi. Local ground beef and sausage from Sweetmans Farm, spices, caramelized onions and whole pastured eggs wrapped in our savory butter crust.

Sweet Treats At The Bakery

Walnut Bread

Lemon Cookies

Crumb Cake Muffins!

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