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Weekly Specials 
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1/25/2022 - 2/07/2022


Coconut Custard (week of 2/1 only)
Made with pastured eggs, the finest vanilla we can get our hands on and local milk. Organic toasted coconut throughout. Fresh made whipped cream around the edges.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan
Big beautiful Texas Pecans, semi sweet luscious chocolate, and Orange County Distillery Bourbon made from local grains are all folded into our "syrup" and then poured and baked into our all butter crust. 


Beef Stew Pot Pie
I've been making this beef stew recipe for my family for over a decade. Organic Vegetables from Madura & Laughing Fork Farm. Local beef from Quaker Creek.
top and bottom crust


Mushroom, Scallion & Swiss Quiche
Made with fresh grown shiitake & oyster mushrooms from Madura Farm. 

Sweet Treats

Orange Rolls 

Cranberry Scones 

Broccoli & Cheddar Scones

Cranberry Walnut Bread

Ginger Cake


Mushroom & Vegetable Barley 

Gluten Free Pie of the Week

Will You Marry Me Cherry
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