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    About Noble Pies    

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We are family owned  bakery and farm located in Warwick, NY making award winning savory & sweet pies fresh every day. We go out of our way to source our ingredients as fresh and local as possible. Each one of our flavors come with their own story. Our whole family is in the business working to bring you the best tasting pies with the highest quality ingredients. 

We are known for our flavorful buttery, flaky crust with butter from grass fed cows in NY. Our recipe's are Texas influenced by owner Leslie Noble's grandmother and her baking techniques. Our pies contain less sugar with natural sugars from sustainably grown fruit. Our secret heirloom baking techniques date back over 100 years. 



   The Noble Family Recipes   

Pie has always been a staple comfort food in our home. We are a pie bakery that wants to solve the problem for the pie connoisseur who's looking for quality home made comfort food. Our heirloom baking techniques and recipes come from my grandmother (who lived to be 103!).

My grandmother Fowler instilled in me that the beautiful, tasteful, comforting things in life are created from simple, quality ingredients. My grandmother's perspective on baking techniques came from a lifetime of making everything from scratch. She loved to collect and read recipe books. She was never afraid to experiment. Living in the beautiful Warwick Valley of New York, we did not have to travel far to source the best local ingredients for our pies, from local farms and from our own farm. The care and love of each ingredient that goes into our pies evoke from the same feelings when you have your first bite. We believe everything in out pies should be wholesome and delicious. Our butter comes from grass-fed cows in the Catskills. Our flour is grown and milled right here in New York. Our fruit comes from farms in the Hudson Valley. We can create comfort simply off what is available to us, wherever we may be.



Turn Back for Pie!


I left behind a career in pharmaceuticals to pursue horse rehabilitation in 2005. In 2008 the financial crisis put our horse farm out of business.  We took to the side of the road with 15 apple pies, a picnic table, and some painted signs we made saying “Turn Back For Pie.” We sold out of pies in the first hour. I hopped in the car with the kids and went to the local orchard to pick as much fruit as we could, found a neighbor who just started making her own butter, brought it all back, and baked into the evening. We sold out of pies ever weekend. An influx of pie customers slowing down traffic lead us to getting kicked off the road in front of our farm. That didn't stop us or our customers, who smelled their way right to the doorstep of our house.  With a phone book of pie "regulars” we managed to bake and deliver over 250 pies that Thanksgiving. We took the leap of faith and moved our picnic table into an empty store and purchased an oven with our Thanksgiving profits. We follow my grandmothers baking techniques for each pie and philosophy with each flavor. We source the best ingredients we can grow or on our farm and work with local producers to make our pies. Each pie has a story of it's own creation from start to finish. Turn Back For Pie!

Our Pies

    Our Ingredients    


all butter crust from grass fed cows in the catskills



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you will never find any preservatives

in our pies


the best ingredients from local farms and our own farm

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121 State Rt. 94 South

Warwick, NY 10990


22 Purdy Ave. Ry, NY 10580

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Our flagship store offers slices, cakes, specialty ice creams, limited release baked goods, coffees, teas, and grocery items.

Come try our famous chicken pot pie, featured on QVC!