How It All Began

I left behind a career in pharmaceuticals to pursue horse rehabilitation in 2005. In 2008 the financial crisis put our horse farm out of business.  We took to the side of the road with 15 apple pies, a picnic table, and some painted signs we made saying “Turn Back For Pie.” We sold out of pies in the first hour. I hopped in the car with the kids and went to the local orchard to pick as much fruit as we could, found a neighbor who just started making her own butter, brought it all back, and baked into the evening. We sold out of pies ever weekend. An influx of pie customers slowing down traffic lead us to getting kicked off the road in front of our farm. That didn't stop us or our customers, who smelled their way right to the doorstep of our house.  With a phone book of pie "regulars” we managed to bake and deliver over 250 pies that Thanksgiving. We took the leap of faith and moved our picnic table into an empty store and purchased an oven with our Thanksgiving profits. We follow my grandmothers baking techniques for each pie and philosophy with each flavor. We source the best ingredients we can grow or on our farm and work with local producers to make our pies. Each pie has a story of it's own creation from start to finish. Turn Back For Pie!


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After literally stopping traffic selling pies by the roadside with a sign that read, “Turn back for pie!”, owner Leslie Noble realized she needed a retail location. Noble Pies in Warwick uses her grandmother’s tried and true recipes, and also offers cocktail-flavored pies, like strawberry daiquiri and margarita. Read The Article Here


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