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Over the 10 years we have been in business there have been many inspirations for the names of some of our pies and/or for the creation of some of them.  

Seymour Gordon’s Blueberry Pie:  Not long after we bought our horse farm in Warwick I became aware of a land preservation program.  Wanting to ensure that our farm never got developed I contacted Seymour who was Chairman of Warwick Purchase of Development Rights Alliance (PDR).  He was charming!  His enthusiasm for nature and concern for saving the beautiful open spaces not just in Warwick but throughout Orange County had a profound impact on me and my children.  We met with Seymour several times and a couple of times at his home.  My boys always wanted to go with me.  We would always be greeted by his wife Shirley.  Classical music was always playing and we enjoyed admiring their beautiful collection of paintings by local artists of the beautiful local vistas. We discovered that blueberry was his favorite pie flavor.  As soon as blueberries were available to pick at our local orchard, Ochs Orchard we would pick the berries, make a pie and bring it warm over to the Gordon’s house.  Unfortunately, prior to our farm being approved for the PDR program Seymour passed away suddenly doing what he loved, fishing. That was July 28, 2010.  We proudly named of pie Seymour Gordon’s Blueberry Pie as a daily reminder of the kind of man he was. He worked tirelessly to protect thousands of acres of productive farmland and open space.  He was a Jewish man who was passionate about the concept of Tikkun Olam, which literally means, “healing the world”.  In the short couple of years we knew him he had a lasting impact on our family, our pie shop and most importantly the future of our community.  We are forever thankful.

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