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As the snow begins to melt...

We are thankful for the many snow days we’ve had this past month that have allowed us to plan some delicious specials this upcoming year. We’ve spent the last few years experimenting in our garden with the anticipation of growing most of the fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms you will find in our specials. We’re excited to announce our garden and mushroom growing room expansions this year to accommodate the following behind our farm to table specials. You can soon find updates about the farm in our weekly blog post as spring approaches.

Our savory special this week is my husband Tom’s special Macaroni & Cheese recipe. We substitute our all butter top and bottom crust for bread crumbs. and use aged white cheddar & Raclette de Savoie cheeses. We source this cheese from our favorite cheese purveyor and owner of The Grazery in New Paltz, Gregg Gagne. We also use high quality durum semolina macaroni sourced from Italy in this delicious pie.

Our sweet special this week will not disappoint. Butterscotch Cream Pie. House made butterscotch poured into our all butter crust topped with fresh whipped cream. Exquisite.

In addition to our cookies and sweet scones you can also find new sweet treats at our store front every week. This week is my favorite zucchini bread recipe. It is available by the slice, loaf, and half loaf. Our savory scone of the week is ham & swiss.

We’ve been lucky enough to have survived the winter months thanks to all of your support. It has not been easy. Our hearts and thoughts go out to many of our customers who had to close their doors to their businesses this past year. Please continue to shop, support, and promote your local business.

-Leslie Noble

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