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Exciting News & Specials At Noble Pies

We're Growing!

Noble Pies has really exciting news to share. The time has come for Noble Pies to expand to a second location as well as ship our pies nationally. In order to accomplish this we are looking for crowdfunded investment from our customers.

It is important to us that our campaign reaches far and wide, and since you have been such an important part of the Noble Pies story, it would mean so much to us if you would share the message and opportunity.

You can check out our campaign through the link here which has all the information you would need, including potential returns, details of the project, and more.

Chicken & Mushroom

Made with our own grown maitake mushrooms. The filling is like a stew made with carrots, onion, peas, chicken, and red potatoes sautéed in butter. A perfect savory sage broth.

Spinach, goat cheese, sundried tomato, and onion quiche

Made with pasture raised eggs


For dessert is one of our most favorited and most labor intensive cream pies. Banoffee! Our homemade graham cracker crust, homemade toffee, sliced banana, whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings. The banoffee pie was created in 1971 by Nigel Mackenzie, the owner of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex, and his chef, Ian Dowding. The original recipe was based on an American dessert recipe called “Blum's Coffee Toffee Pie” from the Blum's Bakery in San Francisco.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

A lemon-y buttermilk cake with poppy seeds covered with lemon cream cheese butter frosting, lemon slices... and more poppy seeds!

Moist and delicious for a perfect spring day. Come get a slice this week at our shop or pre-order your own whole cake to celebrate the sweeter things in life.

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