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Tropical taste buds

Us Northerners seem to have in common in that we reminisce of being in tropical weather this time of year. This week's specials are inspired by tropical weather.

Over the years that I visited family in Miami Beach and Hollywood, Florida one of the foods I looked forward to on every visit were Cubano Sandwiches. I still think about them often and I realized that I could make something maybe just as tasty in a pie. After a lot of experimenting, the mojo marinade and sauce was created. For me that was key. We marinate pork shoulders for 24 hours and then slow roast for 12 hours. This pie consists of layers of sliced pork from quaker creek, swiss cheese, thinly sliced pickles, drizzled with mustard and mojo sauce between our all butter top and bottom crust. This is perhaps my favorite savory pie. I hope you will enjoy it.

Whenever I would visit my grandmother Fowler in Texas this pie was always in the fridge. We make it just how she did: bottom crust, layer of homemade vanilla pudding, sliced banana, more pudding, sliced banana, and more pudding. Lastly, fresh made whipped cream around the edges. Our heaviest pie.

Turn up the heat on the fireplace, open up the window shades, and soak in the sun as much as you can while enjoying these special pies.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

-Leslie Noble

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